Seeing Hands Rwanda cerebrates the international day of white by giving white canes to visually impaired people in need.

Every year, on the 15th of October, world recognize an international day of white cane.

An image of a White cane.

White cane is a mobility tool used by visually impaired people while walking.

The white cane is very essential tools for persons with visual impairments as it greatly contributes to their independent movement from one place to another.

Despite being a high value tool in lives of persons with visually impaired persons, many visually impaired persons still face difficulties getting them as they are not given as treatment under insurance even their prices are still high for many of them to afford.

This year, visually impaired persons across the world cerebrated the international day of white cane.

Seeing hands Rwanda as an organization seeking to empower persons with disabilities more especially persons with visual impairments, joined the whole world to cerebrated the international day of white cane by supporting youth with visual impairment to get white canes together with partners.

Seeing Hands Rwanda believes that it is a right for everyone to live an independent and dignified life with no barriers to basic and essential needs access.

A person standing with white cane

ITANGISHAKA JOSEPH is among the visual impaired who receive a white cane during an international day of white cane cerebration,

He says “a white cane will help me to walk freely therefore,  I can fulfill my tasks

without any fear of hitting the barriers.

According to NYIRANSAGUYE GABUDIYOZA, the white cane they receive will help them to be integrated in the community and she thanks Seeing Hands Rwanda partners who supported them getting the white canes which they compare as their eyes.

DIANE UWANYIRIGIRA says “I first of all thank Seeing Hands Rwanda who gave us these white canes,

and I encourage others to     donate

so as many visual impaired people can have their own white canes which will help them to walk and live independent and dignified lives.

Seeing Hands Rwanda provided white canes to 11 young visually impaired persons which will contribute to transformation of their lives.

Students standing with white canes in their hands

Seeing hands thanks all partners who supported the provision of these essential mobility tools for visual impaired people.